Friday, March 11, 2016

Hiking with Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

The first few pages of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy left me thoroughly confused, almost irritable. The morning later, I woke up from a dream that felt acutely surreal.

The preface is some “unhelpful remarks by the author” where he draws the grand master plan of how the story would be told and how the idea of writing the book first came to his mind.

The book begins with suspense - something important, extremely crucial happened on a Thursday morning, but maybe the reader would discover the full implication of the effect of that day later.

Then we are introduced to Arthur Dent and his alien friend Ford Prefect. Arthur is protecting his home from the municipal office which is constructing a by-pass where Arthur’s home happened to be right on the way.

The next moment, huge yellow spaceships hover in the air and an alien from the spaceship announces that the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council was building a space highway across the solar system and that Earth had to be demolished as it was on the way.

In the next chapter, the reader is unnecessarily introduced to a president of an alien race Zaphod Beblebrox. He arrives at a congregation, plays eccentric and diffuses a bomb.

I have so far, after completing 50 pages of the book, not understood the meaning and significance of this chapter. The next chapter takes us back to Arthur and Ford. Now they are inside an alien ship, belonging to the dreaded Vogons.

I’ve had a faint feeling that perhaps I was missing something important in the book. However confusing it got, the book made you want more. It is inviting to more and more delicious adventure, science and the universe.

The book is also supposed to contain the sacred number that is used as an answer to life, the universe and everything, the number 42. I’ve heard about the book for a long time, on television and other literature.

I read the review, which made me even more fascinated. A week ago, I’d just finished reading a lengthy Carl Sagan book, Cosmos, which is a book on cosmic evolution, the development of consciousness and civilization.

I love the idea of the universe, the science, the stars, distant galaxies and everything; perhaps it helps me escape.

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