Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Small Things-Big Difference

Let us all focus on the small things because that’s where everything starts.
Our economy is still reeling under the pressure of a liquidity crisis, several solutions have been recommended; some are yet to show results while others have proven ineffective. But while we carry forth this task of reshaping our economy, we have always overlooked the small things that will have far reaching implications than formulating expensive plans, activities and policies that take time to materialize.
The government has often contemplated and even carried out some form of austerity measure, which I am totally against. Austerity measures always backfire; there are several examples throughout history that has showed to us that, austerity measures never work.

Take for example the Sovereign debt crisis in Europe, austerity measures carried out by the governments of European countries led to massive unemployment, riots, protests, and poverty.

In our case, however, there are many things that can be done without the need to go for an austerity package. Several small little things that can make big differences

Bhutan hosts on an average around four to five major archery tournaments a year. By the end of the match, the victors take home their prizes in the form of either cash, refrigerators, laptops or other electronics.

There is an irony to this. Archery is a traditional game, while the prizes offered to the players are modern electronics. And since this electronics has to be imported from elsewhere, probably India, an equal amount of pressure is built upon the rupee reserve of the government.

Prizes for the victors should be something that is indigenous, (or are they not attractive to our players?). Maybe a Bura gho, traditional handicrafts like Zashi phorp and dapas, you name it. These items are equally as valuable and even more precious than refrigerators and laptops.

In this way, it could reduce the pressure on Indian rupees, create employment in the local industries and promote their growth as well.

I am sure there are many such small things that can be done. These kind of approach would have many positive implications in the society besides reducing pressure on the Indian rupee.

This is just one small suggestion, but i am sure, there are many who would have several such ideas i would welcome your suggestions and ideas



  1. Yes gyeltshen sir...whatever, you have written down is all the facts that are happening today in Bhutan. As a bhutanese we make good rules but in the process of implementing we fail...Moreover, as a young developing country we need to be careful o the truth happening la...thanks

    1. You are right, its high time that we all be careful, lest things might just get out of control

  2. Instead of suggestion I would say your suggestion is the idea. If your simple idea but associate deep meaning could implement ,it would be just helpful in many ways as you mention in the content of the post.

    1. I am sure there are many simple ideas that we are simply overlooking, we should focus on the small things, thanks