Thursday, July 24, 2014

Midnight Reveleations

On Pranic Healing

If whatever, a friend of mine, told me was true to his words about meditation, then I am getting myself enrolled for the classes. Pranic Healing, said he, had the power to transform oneself into a being that can control the forces that affect him and those around him. Prana, according to a Google definition loosely translates to Life-Force, in Sanskrit.

It also has the power to heal wounds, both physical and impalpable besides giving the student the necessary means to heal others in distant places too.

News from CNN was flashing quietly in the living room while he engaged me in his delicious conversation about the whole art of meditation and controlling energy. He pulled my hands and asked me to pretend as if I was holding a ball.

His instructions were vague and not very clear, but I followed whatever I could understand and tried moving my hands sideways, like he instructed. He asked if I felt the energy between my two palms. After much practice I felt a warm sensation pushing my hand apart. That, he said was energy.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” I said, “those Kungfu movies where shoalin monks make circular movements with their hands and force some kind of energy towards the villain without even touching them.”

Still not very convinced if it was worth a try, I asked, whether it would give me the power to forgive, love and be in peace. He gave me a positive answer with an aura of confidence.
The idea of energy and forces and stuffs like that always fascinated me. It appeared transcendental to me.

He was so much engrossed in the conversation that he continued talking to me about the whole thing and how he felt about it. He very much seemed to have enjoyed talking at length about it. In between, in the TV, shots are fired, a smoke clears out leaving the destruction behind, another airplane crash, and there was a lot of violence being pronounced by a women who seemed least affected by all the tragedies.

After a two hour long discussion, he managed to get me registered for the classes that would begin next weekend. I am not really sure if I really need it, I am a perfectly happy human being, satisfied with what I have, although there are tough times.

At times it becomes difficult to forgive and sometimes ill will and cruel intentions take over us, which I suppose is neither stupidity nor a lack of understanding, but human nature. Life can beat you up, swallow you, and spit you out, but there is no greater quality than being able to stand up, dust yourself and keep walking.

And if Pranic healing would help us build a positive outlook in life and teach us the way to be happy, then I should definitely give it a try. Should you be interested, hop in.